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"No matter how I come to the class- tired, worried, migraine or sad; I end the class feeling calm, collected and ready for the day."

- Dionne 02/04/2014

"I first heard Manoj ji on his Radio show, and i was so impressed. Attending the  local Yoga class at my  local 24 hr fitness gym, had me very dis-heartened, as they had made a Cardio routine out of it. So, I signed up for his, Boot-camp, He also offered a one-on-one consultation to me, before we embarked on the Yoga "wellness" Journey. He spent a good 1 hour, with me and my husband, individually and then we started his classes. In that consultation he gave us excellent advice on basics, we were unaware about, in our sleepnig and eating habits and more.

To say the very least. we felt so relaxed and refreshed after our class with him! This wasn't about the physical exercise, it was an entire lifestyle correction and enhancement, that he offers. The  dormant Spiritual fire is us, is rekindled by him and his classes. He is more of a Life Coach and Guru, then just a Yoga teacher. he is accessible for advice and help, extremely gentle and very helpful.

I will highly recommend him and his flexible classes, at 3-4 locations as well as a new Webinar kind on online classes they are offering..where we can dial in and do Live Yoga on our laptops, from the comfort of our homes. I guess, he works not only with enhancing our health, but also restores our other spiritual and mental planes, by infusing power through the chants, the Sun salutations and meditation and much more.I highly recommend Wellness by all means."

- Prachi R., Cupertino, CA  12/5/2013


"I have been practicing Yoga with Manoj ji since past few weeks and I just love it ! My body reacts pretty well with the way we practice Yoga in our class. The aasanaas, stretches, breathing techniques are very simple and he explains them as we do them. There is always something new in each class. Some stretches/exercises need balance, strength, flexibility but don't worry if you don't have it all, you can't get them ready-made anyway. Trust me, you would be amazed to see the change in yourself as you proceed.

The other part I fell in love with is the sound/music he plays in the background. its just so calm and refreshing.Its a real pleasure to go to his class every morning and assure to be happy and energetic throughout the day. I would highly recommend this class."

- Sharey W. Santa Clara, CA 5/17/2012


"Attending yoga classes at this center have helped me phisically as well as emotionally. The pain I had on my knees is less intense as I keep practicing.  I feel calmer and wanting to eat and drink healthier. After class I definetely feel rejuvenated, more energized and focused on what I want to accomplish for the day.  I am definetely in a better place in my life since I started taking these classes!"

  • - Carmen S. Sunnyvale, CA 2/13/2012


"Once you start going you will really enjoy the class and most importantly the benefits you experience in your daily life. It is a really good workout and you can definitely see your muscle strength increasing. Best of all I enjoy the body, mind, spirit connection the class focuses on. I've noticed my stress level decreasing, I'm sleeping better and see an improvement in my overall health. Overall, my experience has been amazing!"

- Preeti C. Union City, CA 2/12/2012

I cannot say enough good things about Manoj Joshi. I went to his 21 day boot camp that used to start at 5:00AM. A two hour boot camp passed by quick as Manoj kept it moving and interesting. We did the most difficult asans with ease under his guidance.
If you let him know you have any aches and pains or ailments Manoj spends extra time with you and guides you through some poses that will help you. My sister was visiting me from India and commented that she had not seen yoga instructors in India teach as patiently and as well as Manoji. The rejuvination you feel after a session with Manoj is exhilarating. HIGHLY RECOMMEND MANOJ!!!!!


  • - Sanjana A. Mountain View, CA 1/12/2012

"I was going through a phase where there was so much restlessness in my personal & professional life. Even in the first meeting with Manoj ji , there was so much positive energy that I could feel the difference in my thinking & attitude towards life the same day. I decided to go ahead with the healing sessions. It has been a week & I cannot thank Manoj ji enough. I really appreciate Manoj ji for what he doing for the mankind. I must mention that he is a very good listener and each session has given me a new hope and positive energy towards life. I can see so much difference in my work & personal life in just a week. Manoj ji is a very dedicated and a very knowledgeable person. I am very glad that i met him & shared my worries. He has shown a new ray in my life for which i cannot thank him enough. I highly highly recommend the personal & healing sessions with Manoj ji. My suggestion to all the people is that instead of suffering & waiting on time to take care of things, please take steps & talk to Manoj ji. I can bet he will for sure bring peace in your life.  He is doing an incredible job serving the mankind selflessly. I am also enrolled in the yoga sessions which again is helping me with a healthy body & a healthy mind."

– G Sharma, Client of Manoj Joshi (2011)


"Manoj follows a similar format for all of his classes.This helps to make the newcomer to yoga feel at home after only a class or two. He starts slowly, encouraging us to connect the mind, body, and breath.He gradually moves on to more challenging postures, encouraging students to let their own bodies determine what level of participation is best for them.It has been very exciting for me to find my strength, endurance, flexibility, and confidence gradually increase over time through the repetition of postures previously taught. Yet,one class is never exactly like the one before, or the one after. Each brings its own challenges and surprises while offering a certain measure of comfort and relaxation."

-Linda Thorlakson Member of Hot Box Yoga, Hayward since April 2009.


"This yoga bootcamp was an amazing, life changing experience for me. It helped reduce stress, tone and built strength. Above all it has created a mindfulness to go about my work day and my family with a calm mind, kind heart and a healthy body."

-Sudha Jamthe, eBay! 


"Wellness by all means Yoga with Manoj was awesome. I never had that kind of experience in any health and fitness class before. What I liked the most was that it’s not only focused on your physical health but also provides equal attention to your mind and mental health. It helps in losing weight, feeling relaxed and energetic and especially for those who are afraid of cardio workouts this is a must!!"

-Mamta Narain, eBay 


"I have been practicing yoga for last 7 years and yet I discovered some new important aspects of yoga only in Manoj Joshi‚ yoga classes. His deep knowledge on yoga philosophy helps me to develop new insights; his integrated instruction of breathing fills up my body with fresh life force. His calmness spreads out a reflective experience in all his classes and prepare us instantly for a deeper state of meditation. After each and every class with Manoj I feel much more energetic and motivated to make a difference in life.!"

-Gordona, Professional Musician


"As the name ‚Wellness by All Means‚ indicates, this class is much more than a Yoga Class. In this class, you will work on your body, mind and soul. You learn Yoga to improve your physical health, breathing techniques to control your mind and also remove the toxins, relaxation techniques and meditation to get in touch with your soul. Manoj is a very informative person and loves to share many tips and tricks on how to enhance your daily experience. For example ‚ What to do when you get up to start the day with a positive note, what to do after each meal to improve your digestion, how to stay aware of your consciousness through the day, what to do before going to sleep for a good night sleep. I have incorporated many things I learned from him in my daily routine, such as the breathing exercises, chromo therapy, nasal cleansing (Neti Pot), yoga poses. The one I found most helpful was the eye exercise which improved my problem with tearing eyes. My eyes used to water quite often, but per Manoj,As recommendation, I splash them with cold water first thing in the morning, and do the eye ¬†exercise he recommended and my eyes have improved tremendously. Manoj is very easy to talk to and very willing to answer any questions you may have. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is ready for a life changing experience." -

-Hasu, 2011