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Pranashakti Level 1 Course

Pranashakthi Mahavidya is an ancient healing science of Cosmic Energy.

The Context

Do you feel that you are tired most of the times? Are you falling sick very often?

However much you achieve materially do you feel empty inside?

Pranashakthi Mahavidya is an ancient healing method which empowers you to remove the sufferings of fellow human beings and as well as energizes you. This method of healing is very unique in that it provides fast and as well as sustained relief from pain and sufferings.


This science of healing is aimed at teaching a very simple yet powerful healing method. It enables the healer to heal the patient at various levels namely, Physical body, Aura or Pranic Body, Subtle Bodies, Chakras and Nadis. It also empowers the healer to scan and find out any imbalances in any of the above mentioned areas.


The participants will learn to relieve tension, heighten energy levels for better productivity, improve concentration, enhance

Self-understanding, and expand sensory awareness. By becoming more sensitive to the Pranashakthi, the healer will use the Prana to flow through his/her hands and rectify the ailments of the patients.

Your Takeaways

Physical Benefits

Benefits all of our organ systems by making them to function at the optimum level
Energizes each and every cell of our body so that we will always be energetic
Enhances the immunity levels

Psychological Benefits

Relief from stress, tension and anxiety and expels accumulated negative thought pattern
Helps to achieve deep relaxation, well being and makes the mind peaceful, harmonious and alert

Social and Professional Benefits

You will learn to empathize with others and bring solace to al
Your tolerance towards others will have no bound
You will be a sought-after person in the society
Your functioning at near perfection levels, will bring in a lot of accolades and material success
As a powerful healer, you have the option of making a lot of money
You will become the darling of your clients and colleagues

Psychic Benefits

Balances the Aura, Chakras and all the subtle bodies
Self-transformation takesplace as Pranashakthi is harnessed and channeled effectively

Spiritual Benefits

Activates the Kundalini energy
It is a simple technique to hasten the Spiritual development

Course Content

Understanding & Experiencing Pranashakthi
Pranashakthi from different dimensions
Pranashakthi Sparshavidya – Touch Therapy
Human Energy Fields – Aura, Subtle bodies, Chakras and Nadis
Sensing Aura and Chakras with hand – Energy scanning
Balancing Aura & Chakras – Healing the imbalances
Pranashakthi Karmanivaranavidya – Karmic De & Re programming
Pranashakthi Drishtidosha Nivarana – Evil Eye & Psychic Attacks remedies
Pranashakthi Pithrudosha Nivarana – Ascension of ancestors
Pranashakthi Devadosha Nivarana – Creating pathways for Divine Grace
Shakthipat and Pranashakthi Meditation

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