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21 Days StayAlive Mindfully Bootcamp (New)

Price: $294.00 $194.00

Support your Resolution, Goal with this 21 Days StayAhead Mindfully Challenge towards Total Health, Happiness, and Success. We start a new batch every Sunday 5 PM to 7 PM at Fremont Centre.

21 Days StayAlive Mindfully Bootcamp (New)

21 Days StayAlive Mindfully Bootcamp

Ideal for people who need to protect their health from Stress, Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, or Just want to be more motivated and energetic in life and want to bring more Success and Happiness, But DO NOT have TIME….

Experience the MAGICAL POWER of MIND to manifest your goal in 21 Days. A Testimonial is in the end.

21 Days StayAlive Mindfully Bootcamp includes:

1. One personal Consultation on Holistic Health and Healing.

2. A Daily dose of an Inspirational message, specific exercises and 15 minutes of Guided Meditation would be sent to you via email at your preferred time for 21 consecutive days. This will help you to Build a Healthy Habit for addressing your wellness challenge and accomplishing your Personal Goal as outlined during the Personal Consultation.

3. Unlimited Yoga Classes both onsite as well as online for 30 days.

4.Invitation to attend 4 relevant and valuable workshops (Can also be attended remotely through Webinar).

Anybody can participate with, any wellness challenge, No Prior Experience of Yoga or Meditation required.


Yes, Our new StayAlive Mindfully Program would Transform Your Life for Better in Days! Subtle Mindful Applied Relaxation Technique Based Wellness and Yoga System Just for You With Yoga Master Manoj Joshi. Invest just 15 minutes every day for 21 Days with our Guided Yoga Nidra Meditation.

Inspire yourself and your loved ones for a Great Life: Free from Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. Ancient Concepts Delivered Home while You are Relaxed and Receptive- Anywhere, Anytime!

Learn Subtle Mindful Applied Relaxation Technique Based Wellness and Yoga With Yoga Master Manoj Joshi.

After completing this Bootcamp, you will be invited to Graduation Ceremony to share your experience and Gain more insights on continued healing experience.

This StayAlive Mindfully Bootcamp is based on Yoga Nidra an Ancient Indian Practice Of Mindful Relaxation, We call it The Sleep That Awakens You! (STAY)


Day 01: What is Total Health and How to Attain it?

Day 02: How Can I Bring More Persistence?

Day 03: Is there a Smart Way to Achieve Goals?

Day 04: How Can I Have More Energy?

Day 05: How Do I Achieve More Success?

Day 06: How Do I Know Myself Better?

Day 07: How Can I Bring More Balance in my Life?

Day 08: How Can I be More Creative?

Day 0s9: How Can I Maintain a Calm Mind?

Day 10: What is the Secret Ingredient of Happiness?

Day 11: How Can I Let Go of Unwanted Thoughts?

Day 12: How Do I Practice Mindfulness?

Day 13: How Can I Bring More Values in Life?

Day 14: What Gives Me Happiness?

Day 15: How Do I Control My Mind?

Day 16: How Do I Fulfil My Desires?

Day 17: How Do I Practice Forgiveness?

Day 18: How Can I Live More Peacefully?

Day 19: How Do I Overcome My Physical Limitations?

Day 20: How Can I Change My Destiny?

Day 21: How Do I Bring Constant Improvement in Life?