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Wellness By All Means


Corporate Yoga

Price: $499.00

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Corporate Yoga

Courses Offered:

1. Team Building

2. Improving Productivity

3. Overcoming Challenges

4. Making Better Decisions

5. Pursuing Excellence in Operation Management

6. Engaging in Mindful Movement for Work-Life Balance

7. Making Meaningful Meetings

8. Building Sustainable Customer Relationship

9. Transcending from Stress to Serenity

10. Fighting Fatigue and Boredom

11. Bringing Transcendental Leadership in Action

12. Embracing Creativity and Innovation

2. About Yoga Master and Life Coach Manoj Joshi:

Manoj Joshi founded Wellness By All Means to help people balance their minds and bodies through mindful yoga practice and restorative Ayurvedic therapy. A lifelong devotee to yoga, Manoj refined his meditative technique during a two-year study in the Himalayas with local monks and yogis. These profound experiences shaped his current teaching style, which emphasizes mental well-being over raw physical strength.

Manoj has been practicing Yoga from a very early age and teaching yoga, meditation in Bay Area, California since 1998. Manoj has served Environmental Quality as an Environmental Scientist, Software Quality as a Software Engineer and Human Life Quality as a Spiritual Master each for a decade already and now very passionate to continue his services to further the cause of wellness by all means.

With an MS and an MBA degree and a formal yoga certification from SVYASA, a reputed Yoga University in India Manoj offers a unique blend of life changing seminars, personal excellence services, and spiritual healing. Being a powerful author, healer, motivational speaker, spiritual master and an entrepreneur his dream is to make wellness by all means truly a global wellness initiative touching millions of lives.


“Wellness By all Means is one stop place for nourishing your mind, body, and soul. Manoj Ji is very knowledgeable, kind and spiritual person. l just fell in love with his style of yoga, especially how he incorporates breathing, meditation and Yog Nidra in every session. After each class, I felt happy, strong and rejuvenated. Apart from being an excellent yoga guru, Manoj Ji does Pranshakti healing. When all the world’s doctors failed to cure my son’s sickness, it was his Pranshakti healing ability that cured him. I was completely blown away by this magical power and cannot thank him enough for curing my son. I strongly recommend this place for everyone.” (Anu K)

“Manoj Ji is an extremely talented yoga teacher. The depth of his knowledge of the Spirituality beyond religiosity is amazing. I have attended his workshops and lectures, I’d put him among the top yoga scholars in the world.” (Kathy S)