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Wellness By All Means

For two years, Yoga Master and Life Coach Manoj Joshi had profound experiences while practicing yoga and meditation with local Himalayan monks and yogis that ultimately shaped his current teaching style. Later, he founded “Wellness By All Means” to help people who are facing wellness challenges of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual kind.

At Wellness By All Means, thousands of people have benefited from Manoj’s personal healing consultations and group yoga classes for balancing their minds and bodies. Wellness By All Means offers a very unique mix of wellness service and healing conversation based on many alternative self-care systems such as Ayurveda, Acupressure, Naturopathy blended with Pranayama (Breathing Technique) and Yoga Nidra (an ancient Tantra Meditation and Relaxation Technique).

Manoj has been teaching yoga, meditation in Bay Area, California since 1998, and has been offering advice to people on wellness and yoga through many popular radio programs including 1170 AM and 1550 AM three times a week since 2010, and as an author, healer, motivational speaker, spiritual master and an entrepreneur, his dream is to make wellness by all means truly a global wellness initiative touching millions of lives. He has worked with many reputed non-profit organizations and funding agencies such as the UN’s World Health Organization, International Youth Center, NORAD, ETC India, etc.

Manoj holds a MS (Computer Science) and an MBA degree, and had worked in software quality management for 10 years before getting a formal yoga certification from SVYASA, a reputed Yoga University in India, to pursue his passion of helping his students improve their quality of life with yoga principles and practices. His teachers include Shri N V Raghuram, Swami Bodhananda Saraswati, Guruji Ramachandra, Dr. Binodini Devi, Dr. Bhagbanprakash, Chittapawanacharya Dr. Suryakant Joshi, YogaAcharya Arun Kumar & Yogi Anandji.

He is happily married to Gayatri Joshi, a software engineer, Odissi Dancer, choreographer and teacher since 1993 and has two wonderful daughters Vanani Vasundhara and Megha Mayura.

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