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Being Yourself: A Formal Mindfulness Experience By Manoj Joshi

Being Yourself: A Formal Mindfulness Experience By Manoj Joshi

March 4, 2018 News 0 comments 5551 Hits

Let me start from a quote from Shrimad Bhagavatam:“It is the mind that is responsible for both bondage and liberation. The mind is the steering wheel, which if turned towards worldly things, leads one to bondage and, if turned towards the Lord, leads to liberation.”

If you want to have this reframed and have your mind reprogrammed towards the goal or a personal resolve (sankalpa) for a Healthy and Happy Life you can possibly attain fulfillment by turning your mind towards it. Yoga believes in the power of our thoughts. If we constantly think about our goal, our mind can help deliver this message to our brain and slowly with practice we can see the manifestation coming in real time.

Yogis have used this simple technique of constant remembrance on God and have been able to attain Self Realization. Now we can use the same concept and make a lot of positive progress towards our goal, say total health, true happiness, unconditional love and unlimited success in all aspects of our life.

One of the tool that can be effectively used is a formal mindfulness meditation practice called Yoga Nidra, a psychic sleep, an age old proven tantric techinique much practiced in yoga studios around the world. A formal practice of Yoga Nidra can be done in a lying down relaxed position, preferably with closed eyes. Yog Nidra is also called as Yogic Sleep in western literature. A person goes through stages to achieve a physical state of deep sleep while being in a conscious state that instructions can be heard and followed.

The Complete Eight Stages of Yoga Nidra

  1. Entry
  2. Intention
  3. Body Scan
  4. Breath and Energy Awareness
  5. Sense Perception
  6. Images, Visualization and Journey
  7. Repeat Intention
  8. Return

Here is a transcript of a formal yoga nidra (for reprogramming the mind towards appreciating and developing your latent potential) recorded in a yoga class at Center for Wellness By All Means. If you prefer to use the audio format for this yoga nidra, please click on this link.

Lie down in a completely relaxed posture being exposed to the huge magentic field of the earth, exposing every bit of your body, your breath, your mind to be rejuvenated, to be healed and to be able to bring back everything you have inside.

Yog Nidra, Mindfulness, Healing. It’s a sleep that awakens you. A sleep so conscious that it brings forth all the latent lalent burried inside, unexperienced confidence hiding inside and exposing your true self to yourself, to appreciate, to evaluate and take it out to the world with new found confidence, excitement, enthusiasm, and a great deal of commitment to serve the mankind. And to bring more success, health, happiness, wealth, affluence, name, fame and everything that we can earn in a honest and decent way. Being Yourself… Without comparing yourself with any one else, not to bring that sense of jealousy when we see someone succeed in his or her life.

Everyone is having a journey of their life, everyone has equal potential inside. They have all that divine inheritance and everything is possible, It’s our awareness, it’s our confidence, our practice, our truthfulness, candidness and all those matter how much we activate those hidden functions in our library. How many times do we call those functions as while executing this body, this mind, this intelligence.

Bring forth the memory of your successful journey, something that really brought out a great deal of satisfaction in your life, by doing something unique, outstanding for yourself or for someone else that really showed to the world how much your talent, how much of the uniqueness you possess in this body, mind and intelligence. Hands clapping, all the way, cheering you up for your success and you feel so proud to be yourself. You feel so complete inside. You feel that fullness of life for that moment, feel that there is a purpose of your life. That there is a deeper meaning behind everything that is happening around your life: people coming in to your life, people walking away from your life. Doors of opportunities opening, and some doors are closing. Success coming in, and sometime failure coming in. Sometimes you are very healthy, excited about your life, and sometimes you are down with some sickness. Sometimes you put lots of riches, bank balance while sometimes you spend a lot and bring more need to work hard, earn more resources, earn more money and be happy again. Like a roller coaster, ups and downs, happiness, success, hopes, despairs, praises, blames..

Everything is happening and you are experiencing that life as it unfolds itself in the palm of time and space. Your mind registering all those changes, interpreting and giving you this wonderful life of being yourself, the unique emodiment of earth, water, fire, air, space and the Prana. A beautiful manifestation of Matter and Consciousness. Life- as it flows inside. Experiences as they get experienced by this mind. It’s a unique journey, it’s your life, it’s your reality. Nothing has an absolute value, everything is changing, you are becoming wiser with such experiences. You are embracing Truth (satya), you are embracing Nonviolence (ahimsa), and all the other virtues that are becoming more attractive such as hard working (tapah), honesty and straight forwardness (arjava), forgiveness (kshyama), mindfulness (matih) and everything else that make you who you are.

Your regular practice of mindfulness, yog nidra is constantly healing your body, your mind, your intelligence and your life, and helping you to move towards your goal and your divine destiny. One step at a time, one day, another day, like wise life is moving forward..and you are enjoying every day of it, every moment of it, being happy, being healthy, and being yourself running your own race.

With this relaxed body and mind, reflect on your personal goal, your resolve towards total health, true happiness, unconditional love and unlimited success in all aspects of your life. And those are the rewards of Being Yourself discovering your own truth.

Slowly and gently, consider turning to your right side and remain in that featus position for few more breaths. Like a featus inside the womb of a mother so well protected, and you are like a featus inside the golden womb of the Universe (Hiranya Garbha). The sky, the Earth and the Nature is nurturing you and protecting you. Just imagine a golden light shielding your whole body protecting all the time. Wherver you go, this aura is going with you like a shield.

Slowly and gently consider coming back to a sitting down position, cross legged, keeping the eyes still closed, palms together in a state of balance and equanimity (sama stithih). With this practice of yog nidra and mindfulness we have prepared ourselves to be in that prestine state of mind where our prayer is heard in profound way. Connect to your loved ones at this point of time and imaging an aura around their body and feel them being protected all the time whereever they are. So whoever comes to your mind, a healing is happening right at this moment. Further, extend this concept of healing prayer to the entire world, entire mankind, and the entire Universe as One Family (Vasudheiva Kutumbakam). A beautiful aura for everyone..May everyone in this Universe be safe and healthy, May everyone see things auspiciously and goodness in others, May there be no miseries, no unhappiness and May there be peace everywhere. Namaste!

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