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Being Yourself: A Formal Mindfulness Experience By Manoj Joshi

March 4, 2018 0 comments 5550 Hits

Let me start from a quote from Shrimad Bhagavatam:“It is the mind that is responsible for both bondage and liberation. The mind is the steering wheel, which if turned towards worldly things, leads one to bondage and, if turned towards the Lord, leads to liberation.” If you want to have […]


December 31, 2014 ,, 0 comments 5705 Hits

Stress can aggravate pain, whatever its cause. When you are feeling overwhelmed by stress, your pain tolerance may be lower. Pranayama is a powerful way to quickly relax the nervous system, by activating the parasympathetic nervous system; thereby reducing stress levels. When you experience pain, your rate of respiration increases, […]

Yoga Poses

December 31, 2014 , 0 comments 1462 Hits

Do you feel bloated, irritable and sluggish all day long? It may be time to incorporate some yoga in your regular exercise routine to get things moving at an optimal pace. Here are a set of asanas you can do daily to boast your digestion. Sarvangasana(Shoulder Stand): This asana is […]


December 31, 2014 ,, 0 comments 1453 Hits

Biologically, nature supports cleansing of the body in spring. In winter the digestive fire is high, and people eat more sweet and heavy food. Most of the time they aren’t able to assimilate these hard – to – digest foods, so Ama (the sticky, toxic product of indigestion) starts accumulating. […]

Yoga for Pain

December 31, 2014 ,, 0 comments 1320 Hits

The constant discomfort of chronic pain not only drains you of your strength and energy but also the feeling of well-being. Using Yoga techniques for pain management can help minimize your medication and help you lead a happier and fuller life. Yoga, which focuses on gentle movement, breath and awareness, […]