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Please Invite us for a Brown Bag Talk and Experience the Magnificence of your Mind Challenges: (WHY)

  • High levels of stress driven by aggressive deadlines
  • Need for highest levels of productivity and sound decision making
  • Team cooperation and synergy
  • Leadership in solving business challenges
  • Survival driven by innovation and creativity
  • Work-life balance
  • Constant balancing of personal and corporate goals
  • Rapidly changing environment

Role of Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Breathing, Spirituality & Visualization in Organizational Performance (HOW)

  • Wisdom and knowledge drawn from ancient eastern and far eastern cultures
  • Scientifically corroborated
  • Techniques and tools to connect Mind, Body and Spirit and promote consciousness
  • Evidence linked to improve efficiency, improve attention, fostering emotional balance, facilitating interpersonal interest and teamwork and cooperative activities
  • Reduces stress and anxiety and boosts immune system
  • ″It′s about training our minds to be more focused, to see with clarity, to have spaciousness for creativity and to feel connected,″ the company′s deputy general counsel Janice Marturano tells Gelles. ″That compassion to ourselves, to everyone around us -- our colleagues, customers -- that′s what the training of mindfulness is really about.″
  • Cultivating the perceptual, emotional, and interpersonal aspects of human beings—all key elements of mindfulness practice strengthens capacities we need to live and work effectively
  • Promotes “out of the Box” thinking

MindfulnessByAllMeans: (OVERVIEW)

  • Created a unique collection and blending of scientifically corroborated ancient tools and techniques to impact several measures of organizational performance
  • Customized programs to address Team Building, Productivity, Innovation and Creativity, Leadership, Work- Life Balance
  • Involves simple yet powerful tools such as several kind of breathing (deep breathing, count-driven breathing, alternate nostril breathing, etc.), several yoga stretches for stress and pain reduction, mindfulness to enhance mental performance, different kinds of meditation to address moods and attitude, mindfulness to address personal and group tasks
  • Takes less than 2-hr per session
  • Onsite or offsite

Contact for further information and a demo

  • Manoj Joshi (Chief Mindfulness Officer)
  • 510-364-4162

What People Say About Wellness By All Means

Quality 91%
Classes 90%
Service 97%
Professionalism 94%
Support 85%