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7 Secrets to Root Chakra Balance: Fremont (Saturday Sep 29th 9 AM-1 PM)

Price: $94.00 $50.00

Be the Best….

This is very hands-on educational and fun filled workshop for all. It is designed to touch upon all intrinsic values of life that offers strength, balance, mindfulness, purpose and passion to do something different in life. You will be guided  to nurture human values through mindfulness, yoga and life coaching lessons.

Please consider this GIFT of Dance and Wellness to anyone you has potential to do something GREAT in Life. We will promise that it would lay such a STRONG FOUNDATION that would last a LONG time in Life and constantly offer Inner Guidance towards Total Health, Self Confidence, Influencing Verbal and Non Verbal Expressions, Emotional Intelligence, Higher Achievements and Happiness and more.

7 Secrets to Root Chakra Balance: Fremont (Saturday Sep 29th 9 AM-1 PM)

Learn the 7 Secrets to Balance Your Root Chakra

with Wellness Guru Manoj Joshi

If you have been experiencing the following, probably your Root Chakra is under active or imbalanced:

Physically you might be suffering from eating disorders (obesity, anorexia, bulimia), arthritis, cold hands and feet, leg and feet problems, constipation, frequent illness and digestive problems.

We can help Balance this Chakra for you.

Please come to this unique workshop and get all necessary tools and techniques based on our proven 7 Secrets or Personal Excellence already practiced by millions online.

Learn these tools to be the BEST Version of Yourself. Give this Gift of Wellness to your Loved Ones. Help Someone and you will see how your life blossoms with health, wealth and happiness (Law of Karma).


Diagnostic Test for Energy Imbalance and Healing (On Demand)

Seven Secrets to Personal Excellence e-Book (On Demand)

Take Home Practice Video for Yoga and Mindfulness (On Demand)

(Fremont Center: September 29th  9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Water, Juice, Tea and Snacks Included. 


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