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Sankalpana Self Recovery

Price: $1,650.00

Start with this First Personal Wellness Consultation with Manoj Joshi which is based on seven simple steps towards total health. For better results, we recommended 5 to 11 Sessions.

Sankalpana Self Recovery


One to one personal wellness consultation with Manoj Joshi which is based on seven simple steps towards total health and wellness, namely, Stretch (Yoga), Breathe (Pranayama), Eat Healthy (Ayurveda and Nature Cure), Cleanse (Yogic Cleansing and Detox), Relax (Yoga Nidra), Heal (Reiki) and Align with the Universe (Meditation) in order to fulfil the final Goal.

  • Customize as per your need:
  • Breathing Pattern
  • Yoga Asana’s
  • Meditation
  • Cleansing Technique
  • Diet Consultation

Give yourself the gift of Yoga, the ultimate Wellness Program for Body, Mind and Spirit.

Every personal session would be for one Hour which will have 15 mins of concept sharing, 15 mins of demonstration of new techniques, 15 mins of Yoga Nidra and Reiki/pranashakti Healing and some time for Q&A.  The participant is required to have a commitment for a Daily Practice for at least 10-15 mins twice daily for better results.

We encourage maintaining an online journal (a link would be provided) of your practice and teacher would give relevant comments. You can always send text messages to your life coach any time and typically you would get a response within 24 hours.

A sample of course is given below:

Goal: Total Health, Focus and Success (TFS)

Session 1:

Goal Setting and Advanced Mantra Initiation:

We will formulate an appropriate goal for the client that best reflects on her/his situation. We explain various tools and techniques of reinforcing this goal in both formal as well as informal ways.  You would learn the concepts of Mantra-Yantra-Tantra (software-Hardware-Technology with reference to your Goal and your life), Pancha Kosha (Five layers) and  many simple ways of communicating this Goal to your entire system: Body-Mind-Intelligence-Ego and Self. Pranic programming is a very effective mindfulness and Breathing Strategy (SSLDC) and compliment that with an advanced technique of cosmic energy ball launching and meditation for what we call- turning on the internal GPS System (Goal Positioning System).

Session 2:

Stretching Techniques from Toes to Head: 

Teach some advanced Acupressure points for Better functioning of Brain, Focus, Retention, Memory, Self Confidence etc. Depending on the nature of problem we will teach the specific yoga stretches.

Session 3:

Review and Reinforce the Importance of Deep Breathing:

Explain the Pancha Kosha, SSLDC, Square Breathing, Formal and Informal Mindfulness Practice.

Session 4:

Brain Balancing:

Explain the Left/Right Brian Functioning, why mood swing happens, how to balance the left (logical), right (creative), front (intellectual) and back (spiritual) components, teach the special breathing technique and perform a spiritual healing initiation and the corresponding meditation.

Session 5:

Talk on Diet and Nourishment:

Yoga and Ayurvedic tips on Diet, Water etc. Some special food will be recommended. We would encourage to adopt a Common Nature Cure Diet and sometimes a Detox Diet for getting the best experience.

Session 6:

Cleansing Techniques:

Yoga recommends Shat Karma- the Six fold Cleansing Technique. The importance of Soucha (Cleanliness of Body, Mind, Intelligence and Spirit is learnt in this session. Specific techniques such as  Jalaneti, Kapalbhati, Simhasana, Tratak Practice for Eyes, Mind and Speech are taught.

Session 7:

Mindfulness Yoga:

Learn some of the widely practiced mindfulness based yoga routines such as Super Brain Yoga Session, 10 Step Mindful Yoga Practice, Very effective Warm Up Routines for the whole Body, Tibetan Rites for Better Focus and Discipline

Session 8:

Reprogram the Mind:

Concept and Practice of conscious relaxation technique called Yoga Nidra: Special Focus on ADD, ADHD, Autism, Addiction Control, Inviting Soul Mate, Improving Relationship, Finding Better Work and Business Opportunities in life with a Customized Healing Meditation. Optionally, we also provide a Vedic Astrology based Birth chart and provide appropriate guidance towards the right mantra and meditation and lifestyle changes to maximize one’s potential and achieve the desired goal.

Session 9:

Quantum Touch Healing and Pranashakti Healing:

We teach the first level of this cosmic energy self healing course with a spiritual initiation for cleansing and energizing the Body, Mind and Soul. Additional tools such as Crystal Healing, Reiki, Rudrakshsya Healing, Karma Cleansing, Chakra Balancing are also offered. Optionally, we conduct a home visit to check on Vastu (Energy Flow in the House) and perform a small fire ceremony (havan) and a Special Shri Guru Puja and Healing Meditation.

Session 10:

Power of Positive Thinking:

Life is 10% what happens and 90% how we respond to it. Learn proven Tools and Techniques to manage your thoughts, manage your mind and attract more positive experience and opportunities.

Session 11:

Sound Resonance, Mantra Chanting for a Wholesome Mind:

Sectional Breathing with 4 Mudras with A, U M and Om Sound Vibration, 12 Special Mantra Chanting.

Other Sample Topics:

Typical Problems we try to resolve through the Sankalpana Self Recovery Course (Some Sample topics out of hundreds of such wellness challenges picked up by clients or explored in an interactive and intuitive way):

  1. How do I Reduce my Stress and bring more efficiency?
  2. How can I increase my focus and improve work-life balance?
  3. How do I enhance my relationship with my family, like spouse or children?
  4. How can I find more peace with people around and be little more happier?
  5. How can I be a great parent to my kids who may be on a difficult path?
  6. How can I bring little more discipline of taking care of my health, sleep, food etc?
  7. I see lots of blockages in my career and business. How can I increase my spiritual power to overcome those obstacles and bring more success?
  8. How can I learn how to meditate?
  9. I want to give a strong foundation for my teen aged children so that they become more accountable, peaceful and productive in life?
  10. How can I learn and provide more healing for someone in my life?

Sankalpana Self Recovery Course is a very Result Oriented, Spiritual Value Based Program for addressing any Wellness Challenge in life: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relationship or Spiritual.  Most of the lessons learnt in this course would last life time and offer multiple benefits to help you transcend from gross physical disturbed state to deeper suble and peaceful state of mind.

You can take this course once or multiple times. Ask for any promotional Group Yoga Practice with this course. There are testimonials available which will be offered during the initial free consultation and later.

We show a series of video clips to explain the concepts. We will provide customized yoga and meditation routines for daily home practice.

Experience now by watching this video and Witness this new experience.


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