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Kids Yoga

Wellness By All Means has designed a very special kids program where Kids will not only learn Yoga but also the philosophy behind the Yoga and the magic of Yoga.

Children do yoga in a very natural way. It’s their very nature to remain simple, playful and active with high energy as they are constantly under the benevolent guidance of the mother nature and the Universe. However, the energy is not focused and can be very distractive if not properly guided and groomed. We have a professional program that taps

into this natural yogic talent among kids and channelize them towards their studies, health and complete personality development. Children these days are very smart and the knowledge and practice of yoga and its allied science can help them become the best and manifest their inner divine potential in a rather effortless way.

Building a strong physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual foundation will make the kids ultimate source of success, inspiration and leadership. Yoga has lots to offer! Yoga is a perfect lifestyle! Yoga is the solution to many of our current problems with children, ADD, ADHD, Child Obesity, Diabetes and many other. Let’s join hands together and embrace this golden gift our ancestors and pass it onto our next generation.

The Benefits are many

  • Physical Fitness and Balance
  • Improving Focus
  • Improving Memory Power
  • Increasing Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.)
  • Improving Self Esteem and Self Discipline
  • Creating Better Citizens

Program Includes

  • Setting up a Personal Goal
  • Breathing Routines to relax, energize, focus and excel
  • Secrets to Boost and manage the mind effectively
  • Brain Breathing & Balancing the Brain
  • Tratak – Mother of all Concentration techniques
  • Health Rejuvenation through simplified Yogic exercises
  • Sun Salutation – Complete Recharging of entire system
  • Instant & Complete Relaxation
  • Yoga Nidra for Creativity and higher academic achievements

Kids classes are available in both Santa Clara and Fremont Center. Please check Schedule for Santa Clara and Fremont  for days ane timings.