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STYM (Esteem) – Super Talent Yoga Meditation Program

Super Talent Yoga Meditation Program for young adults offers practical tools and techniques to deal with the Stress and Negative Thoughts. We practice to go inward and discover our true identity and potential. We learn specific techniques such as Yoga Nidra that focus attention on the present moment, build awareness of thoughts, emotions and feelings. Each one will be given a Goal and will be guided insightfully to find out what works well for them and stay  motivated towards real accomplishments.

Research has shown that young adults who have been trained on mindfulness practices, have been more attentive, better focused, more able to calm themselves, and more successful at solving conflicts non-violently than peers who are without mindfulness training. Young adults with practice of Yoga and Meditation are encouraged to adapt to situations like a Super Teens/Preteens with high Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Empathy.

Isn’t this what every parent dream of their children?

Please Join our Thanksgiving Special on Teen Stress Management.


Please come to a FREE Open House on Sunday (Nov 24th 3-5 PM) to our Fremont Center. We will have Ms Donna Wolf, a renowned educationist and reformist in the bay area as our guest speaker. RSVP.

Date: Nov 25th & 26th – Monday and Tuesday (2-4 PM) @ 5500 Stewart Avenue, Suite 200, Fremont, CA 94538.

Follow up Practice Classes are held every Sundays (7-8 PM) @ WBAM Fremont Center. (Registration is OPEN!)

More on Stress

“Stress” is defined as the way our bodies and minds react to life changes. Since adolescence is a period of significant change, including physical, emotional, social, and academic changes, many teens are under more stress than at any other time of life.

It is very important for teens to learn to handle stress, as long-term build-up of stress that is not handled effectively may lead to problems, including physical illness, anxiety or depression, which call for professional help. We will be presenting many simple yet


powerful and effective stress management techniques drawn from the ancient wisdom and practice of yogic tradition.

As a parent if you are noticing the following Teenage “Stress Overload” Signs, we will strongly recommend Yoga workshops or 1-1 consultations for your child (Age 13 and up):

  • Increased physical illness (headaches, stomachaches, muscle pains, chronic fatigue)
  • “Shutting down” and withdrawal from people and activities
  • Increased anger or irritable lashing out at others
  • Increased tearfulness and feelings of hopelessness
  • Chronic feelings of worry and nervousness
  • Difficulty sleeping and eating
  • Difficulty concentrating
Our body’s natural reaction to life events that we perceive as overwhelming is the “fight or flight” response, which may produce a faster heart rate, increased blood flow, shallow breathing, a sense of dread and a desire to escape. However, teens can teach themselves to perceive life challenges as being within their control and can even change their body’s reactions to such events, promoting a lower heart rate, deeper breathing, clearer thinking and feelings of calmness and control. There are many stress management skills that

promote the relaxation response, focus of mind, self confidence and a general feeling of ease and wellbeing.

In our hands-on workshop/1-1 consultation we will demonstrate and practice certain proven stretching, breathing and meditation techniques that would help manage the teen stress and help them to stay focus and perform better at school and society.

Teenage Stress Factors

  • Academic pressure and career decisions
  • Peer pressure
  • Parental pressure
  • Adaptation to bodily changes
  • Family and cultural conflicts
  • Taking on too many activities at one time