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At Fremont location, we offer a variety of workshops on 7 Secrets for Personal Excellence, Joyful Living and Abundance, 5 Elements Balance, and more on every Sunday, 10:45 AM to 12:45 PM (Admission by Appointment only; RSVP: 510-364-4162). Once you let us know your willingness to join the workshop by calling or by sending us an email, we will send you further details including the special focus of this workshop. We also conduct workshops at other locations, so please mention if you want to know about other dates and time for other centers.
Each workshop for paid clients comes with a complimentary Yoga Class. You may choose to attend the Yoga Class offered at Fremont or other locations.

 7 Secrets to Personal Excellence Workshop: 

  • Ancient secrets of total health based on stretching, breathing, yogic diet, cleansing, Yoga Nidra, relaxing, Pranashakti healing, and meditation. We will discuss and demonstrate some important routines that are followed in the 21 days yoga camp.
  • Holistic Stress Management Techniques.
  • Vedic Mantra chanting and explanation of their meaning towards a conscious living.
  • Discussion about Patanjali Yoga Sutra including 10 Yamas (Laws of Nature) and 10 Niyamas (Laws of Personal Discipline).
  • Power of Personal Resolve (Sankalp) that helps in manifesting our Goals.
  • Benefits of Sun Salutation and Demonstration.
  • A complimentary yoga class of 75 – 90 minutes duration which would further deepen your knowledge gained during the workshop.

 Joyful Living and Abundance Workshop: Register

  • In this 12-hour weekend workshop, Manoj Joshi and Nivedita Ganapathi are offering an opportunity to learn how to train the mind, body, and spirit to achieve total health, unconditional love, and unlimited success.
  • Transformation doesn’t just happen.  It takes a plan and a support system.Who Should Attend?If you feel stuck and unmotivated in your life or frustrated with your relationships and finances, this workshop is for you.
    • Learn what is holding you back from being the BEST Version of Yourself
    • Unleash the POWER you have to redirect your life at any given moment.  
    • CREATE the change you have always wanted instead of just THINKING about changing.



Click here to Listen to a Group of Live Testimonials on this Boot Camp of our Radio Show.The workshop was instrumental in educating me on the ancient secrets to total health. I very much like the scientific explanation of every key concept and the practical session. The concluding meditation made me feel like my consciousness evolved to a new height. A lot of yoga classes I have attended before are catered for the very fit and who are sort of ‘yoga junkies’. This is not that kind of a class. It is really a class for people of any fitness


level. The teacher does not ask you to perform incredibly difficult poses and he always insists on doing only whats right for your body (never about overstretching yourself). “Visualize your goals with your mind first and the body will follow”, he says and I’ve found that gradually your body does follow your mind. By Priya M.